Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunday, Monday...

A quick summary: Sunday was more wannabe-travel-programme-director stuff; another excuse for us both to spend lots of time in green spaces and doing the things we like doing.

Monday was given over entirely to Chorus stuff; we were hosting a fundraising concert for Europride given by ourselves and five other choirs from London, Brighton and The Hague. I had volunteered to ‘buddy’ one of the guest choirs, so I spent pretty much the entire day with Diversity, the London LGBT Chamber Choir who were a very pleasant bunch, helping them get to grips with the words and choreography of All Girl Band, the song that all the choirs were singing together for the finale. After such an energetic day on my feet though, it was a relief to get to the actual concert where we spent most of our time sitting down and only had to sing five songs!

Luckily Brett was there with the car to take me home afterwards! He and my sister had been in the audience and enjoyed critiquing each of the performances. We also ran into John M and his friend Rob in the bar after the show and had a drink together, along with a bitch about Mobile Windows and a slightly surreal conversation between Brett and I about socks.

Today at work I was really only half there; I struggled to get out of bed and did the minimum work necessary to get me through the day.

Hopefully another good night’s sleep will set me right as there’s another Chorus rehearsal tomorrow in preparation for our Albert Hall gig at the weekend. Apparently this now includes Elton John as well as Heather Small, so should be even more fun…

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