Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In Bristol

Axiom: More haste; less speed. (Especially when packing to travel!)

Hence I am sitting in a hotel room without a mains charger for my phone or my laptop. Hardly the end of the world though, as the hotel want to charge me £15 for 24-hours of internet access. I’m not even in town for 24 hours, so not really worth it for the couple of hours I might have used it.

Apart from that, though, the hotel is all very nice – quite plush in fact; some grand old Regency-looking building with a plush foyer and spacious rooms. The quality of the hotel is probably just keeping the karma balanced though; putting me in a smart hotel tonight, as tomorrow I expect to be bored senseless while I learn about the inner workings of our new management information system.

Hmm. The receptionist said that breakfast wasn’t included on the tariff, which I am sure is code for it being fabulously expensive. I wonder how much I can eat (and hence charge to the company) by way of petty retribution for my purgatory…

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