Saturday, June 24, 2006

That Was The Week That Was

Bah. It’s been a week!

I haven’t been sleeping desperately well and, one way or another, have had a lot of late nights, so I’ve been feeling pretty antisocial for most of it.

Wednesday we had a good rehearsal. We have a gig on the South Bank on Monday and were brushing up our choreography. Stuart B was directing the rehearsal and he always manages to make them real fun. After it was all over though, I ducked out as quickly as possible as I just wanted to sit and read on the train home rather than having to make conversation with any of the other Chorus members.

Thursday I put in a long day at work. I was being really geeky actually; things finally seemed to have quietened down a bit and I was getting to do some work on developing group security polices. (I know, it sounds very dull, but I was enjoying it…) The cycling home took it out of me a bit, though, as there was a stiff headwind.

Friday I will write about in a separate entry as it was almost entirely given over to frustration with a new gadget I’m evaluating for work and it’s likely to be a bit of a long rant!

Brett was home Friday night though, which took the edge off my antisocialness (albeit not to the extent that I stopped playing with the new phone…)

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