Sunday, October 30, 2005

Huh? Happy Halloween?

Not much can be said about today really. We sorted, tidied, shopped and washed.

I did wander though, looking at all the orange and black advertising and merchandise around, exactly how Halloween came to be such a big deal. When I was young, okay it was kind of spooky; we’d stay indoors, with our hollowed-out turnip lantern to frighten away the ghosts, the parents would maybe turn off the lights and just have a few candles lighting the house and we would duck for apples.

Nowadays it seems as if it’s all about going out, wearing cheap costumes, which often aren’t even ‘Halloweenish’ and extorting sweets and money from nearby householders. Why? What are we celebrating? How did the Celtic New Year festival, or indeed the preparation for All Souls’ Day, get turned into this meaningless circus of Disneyfied ‘horror’? It’s not tradition. It doesn’t appear to serve any purpose. Okay, so I’m a sourpuss, but it just seems such a bizarre, round-about way of finding an excuse to go out and have fun…

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