Sunday, October 16, 2005

Walking Weekend

Just back from a great weekend in the Lake District. Ostensibly it was a walking weekend but in the end we plumped for a low-level, fairly relaxed walk; initially a circuit through the woods along one of the banks of Thirlmere and then, after lunch, we headed up on to the lower slopes of Helvellyn to do a more scenic walk back to the car park. The weather was good; a bit overcast but dry and often sunny. In fact the fast moving clouds made for some beautiful views as the sun streamed through a gap. (I managed to get a few nice pictures along the way and you can see them in the photoblog.)

I think I’ll try and get a few of my friends along for the next one of these weekends, partly to make it a reunion for me and partly to introduce Brett to some of my friends from outside of London. (Brett and I also need to take a few more weekend breaks around Britain, as it emerged in conversation that he actually had no idea where to find the Lake District on a map!)

I’ve got to get him to pass his driving test before then though, as the driving at either end of the trip was a bit of nightmare. There was congestion at numerous points along the motorway both on the way out and the way back. Traffic is getting heavier in this country. It’s a fact. Brett did do some driving in the Lakes. Although, after me being petrified by him driving down the middle of the road on some of the narrow unclassified- and B-roads and urging him to keep left, after we got onto the main A6 heading south he managed to clip another car’s wing mirror and knocked the one off our car in the process! Doh! Maybe a bit more practice is required…

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Brett said...

Don't believe a word of it...that car's side mirror practically leapt out in front of me. It was a miracle I was able to expertly maneuver the car to only clip our side mirror.