Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lucy In The Sky With Risotto?

Just before I get over it, let me record one more Victor Meldrew moment I forgot to include in yesterday’s miserere; Owen and I had lunch together and, rather than eat in the expensive and pretentious gourmet sandwich shop, we thought we’d economise and eat from Sub-Way a little further along the road. As you know, I was feeling grumpy anyway, but ordering a sandwich from this soulless American chain made me understand how the guy feels in Falling Down! Talk about micromanagement!

I scanned the menu above the counter and decided I’d quite like a Cheese Steak roll and ordered. That was when the Spanish Inquisition clicked in; What kind of bread did I want? Did I want a twelve-inch or six-inch roll? Did I want cheese on both halves of the roll? Did I want it toasted or microwaved? Which salad ingredients did I want on it? What sauces did I want? Did I want it as a ‘Meal’ for only 99p more? Did I want it to eat-in or to go?

I just want a f*cking sandwich for my lunch!


… And breathe.

We didn’t hang around for dessert; I couldn’t face another interrogation! Instead we went to Starbucks which, okay, is another soulless chain, but at least after a few years of acclimatisation to the British temperament, is capable of providing me with a grande latte without demanding I decide between a dozen different kinds of coffee bean and point at the particular cow, goat or sheep I want to provide the milk.

Today wasn’t too bad, although I was still in a ‘don’t mess with me’ mood. I spent most of the day pottering around the house tidying, doing laundry, working on some chorus stuff and generally not stressing. The parents arrived around 4pm and we spent a while hanging out before heading over to Putney to have dinner with my sister at a nice South African restaurant there.

It turns out that my mother has been inexplicably irritable and depressed all week too, which I think is too much of a coincidence to be accidental. It turns out that we had both had the wild mushroom risotto as an appetiser on Saturday evening in Threlkeld. My suspicion is that there was something wilder than usual in those mushrooms… (Or it could have been the full moon!)

At least I’ve got something to hang my moods on now – it’s not just me losing my mind after all.

Today Brett had a sudden fit of theatrical desire and he’s booked us tickets to go see ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ in December and then the musical version of Billy Elliot and The History Boys in January. I really need to sit down and get my diary sorted out!

Looks like I’ve got a day of shopping to look forward to tomorrow now; got to get Rosie a birthday present…

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