Sunday, November 20, 2005

Active Day

The day went better than expected. We had a six-hour rehearsal, primarily covering choreography but with a fair amount of note-bashing too. We seem to be in fairly good shape for still having four weeks before our first concert; both the movement and the music seemed to gel nicely.

Rula Lenska, our compère for the shows, was there today to rehearse her song and dance number with the Chorus; Let It Snow. Most of the rest of the time she was watching us rehearse and seemed fairly impressed; she made full use of her camera-phone to capture us in all our singing and dancing glory. I wonder whether that was because we were simply so fabulous, or so she could show her friends what a bunch of weirdoes she’s having to work with…

This evening we were mostly relaxing, although with a few tidying chores to do as we are hosting Brett’s friend Rich tomorrow night. I am still agonising over what to buy my mother for her birthday (Tuesday!) Rosie has already got her the killer gift; a session with a Life Coach, as she is recently retired and hasn’t really started living it up yet. I toyed with buying the parents a weekend break in Venice, but it turned out that I can’t really afford that at the moment. Maybe I’ll have to settle for sending her a copy of 1000 Places To Visit Before You Die, which I spotted in a local shop recently bur annoyingly can’t find on Amazon. Grrr.

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