Friday, November 25, 2005

Roll-on The Weekend

It is incredibly quiet today. Maybe people are already winding down for Christmas (but it’s still November!) or maybe it’s just because it’s Friday, but there has been sooo little going on in the office.

Having completed all the ‘big’ work I’ve got to do just now, I avoided the new projects (it’s Friday afternoon!) and have just spent an hour or so updating our network diagrams. It gives me a geeky kind of pleasure to know that our network has outgrown the two sheets of A3 we previously used for the diagrams and now requires A1 to include everything!

There’s not much going on this weekend and I at least have a quiet one planned. We have Scott L over for dinner tonight. Tomorrow Brett has yet another Chorus meeting to attend (he was only at one on Wednesday!) so I expect he’ll be preoccupied with that throughout. I need to do some maintenance on my bike; the chain is jumping again, which probably means that one of the links has gotten squashed and needs freed-up, so some of my Saturday will be spent doing that. Probably more of it will be searching out decent Christmas card designs; having put a list together already, I want to stay on the ball and get the actual cards done as soon as possible before everything else Christmasy catches up and overwhelms me. (I have no idea what presents to buy for my nearest and dearest and there aren’t that many openings in my diary for Christmas ‘browsing,’ looking for inspiration; it really needs to be targeted shopping as things are booked pretty solid between now and New Year…)

I’ll probably also spend more time on the Internet researching investment programmes, something I’ve been looking into since a conversation at work about the futility of playing the National Lottery (our team has a syndicate.) Apparently Barry has been investing for some time in a fund which returns a phenomenally high percentage every month. It seems that while there are a lot of Internet scams out there to trap the unwary or the credulous, there are also some relatively respectable, long-running private plans which still return comparatively good rates (1% per day usually.) The trick is to avoid the former and pick the genuine latter ones and that takes a fair amount of research and due diligence...

Here’s to the future!

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