Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sponsored Strip-Poker

What a busy life. It’s Wednesday already and I don’t feel like I’ve stopped.

After not getting much sleep at the weekend, it was straight into a full day at work on Monday, followed by a chorus rehearsal; we started a new piece called ‘Over the Skies of Yisrael’ which is simple but lovely.

Tuesday was similar, but the evening somehow got lost by the time we’d eaten dinner.

Today has been a good day, followed by a Chorus Membership Committee meeting where they were discussing the report on the last AGM’s elections, which for various reasons I wanted to be involved in.

The most interesting part of the meeting, though, came in the pub afterwards. Somebody mentioned the idea of ‘sponsored strip-poker’ as a fundraising opportunity and, wacky as it sounded, I liked the idea. Sex sells. There’s plenty of unresolved sexual tension floating about in the Chorus, so why not capitalise on it??

People can make bids to persuade the people they fancy to play in a game of strip poker. We charge spectators to watch the game. Players can pay money to buy back articles of clothing from the bank. The possibilities are endless. We’d probably have to limit the stripping, as actually expecting people to get naked would probably be too much for (most) people, but if we say they have to get down to a g-string that would probably work.

Everyone wins; the Chorus raises money, the spectators get to watch that hot guy they’ve been lusting after strip to his underwear, the players get their egos massaged by how much people are prepared to pay to see them get their kit off. It’s a great idea!

Well, okay, it’s a pretty dubious idea (probably immoral too,) but I think it might just work.

Maybe that’s the alcohol at work on my head though.

Maybe I should get some sleep and think about it again in the morning.


John said...

Hee hee. Bet I know who you'd bid to see strip down to their knickers :-D

Liam said...

Actually there are four or five I'd pay money to see... better be careful I don't bankrupt myself on my own fundraising scheme!