Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fireworks Night

After all my worrying ahead of time, the party actually went quite well I think. Everyone who was expected showed up. The transfer of proceedings up to the Common went very well. The fireworks were actually rather good fun.

We were overshadowed initially by the climax (lasers, tonnes of fireworks and music!) of a display that I think was from the Dog Stadium on the other side of town, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The mulled wine and the liqueur coffee kept everyone warm and convivial as I dashed back and forth, part burying fireworks and then setting them off, dutifully assisted by the lovely Scott who managed to hold the torch steady for me even after the Tia Maria took effect.

Everyone lent a hand clearing up afterwards and then we headed back to the flat to carry on the party. Once I’d washed the filth off my hands and changed my sodden trainers, I could finally have a drink and got comfortable. We rolled out the food; chips and dips, smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagels, French stick and pâté, Melton Mowbray pork pies, that kind of thing.

I got a late-night call from Chris C to check that I had managed not to burn or maim anyone, so I reassured him all the guests survived the experience. He was, naturally enough, working last night and described the streets of Liverpool as comparable with Beirut. I was just glad I was sitting at home with friends, wine and food.

The evening went on until 1ish, when people started thinking about taxis. The first local minicab company we tried turned out not to be reliable so it wasn’t until approaching 2am that people got away. Scott LeG stayed over with us, but was away long before Brett or I surfaced this morning as he had to go meet his partner at something like 8am.

Today has mostly slipped by us. It’s been very rainy and windy all day, so there’s been no incentive to go out. We didn’t emerge from the pit until about 11am and so the day has entirely consisted of interspersing the cleaning up after the party with long intervals of sitting down reading and surfing. (My appointed task today was to research some investments that I’m looking at making in the high-yield markets. Brett, having had a bit of a heavy Chorus-politics day yesterday, has been relaxing with books and comics today, so he’s nice and chilled.)

Now if only it weren’t Monday tomorrow…

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