Tuesday, December 06, 2005

All Change

Things are getting quiet at work as everyone winds down ready for Christmas, so another rather dull day. Did some work on my words on the train this morning and then snuck into the Comms Room (the only place you can really be unobserved in our office) with my laptop at lunchtime and ran through the choreography video a couple of times.

This evening we were invited around to see Rosie’s new flat and have dinner at a restaurant she knows nearby. It turns out that moving her 42” TV was part of the bargain though, so that delayed the start of the evening proper for a while. The restaurant turned out to be an unpretentious French restaurant called Chez Manny’s which had delicious food. I can see why Rosie’s friend took her there so often!

Brett is worrying that he is older than the new Conservative leader, David Cameron... I fear a Rubicon has been crossed and he is now just waiting to die.

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