Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lion, Witch and Wardrobe

So after a delightful dinner last night, we had a lazy morning this morning. Brett wrote the last of his US-bound Christmas cards while I did some research and money work.

Rosie came over mid-morning. Having just moved house, the sending of Christmas cards is the ideal chance to kill two birds with one stone and she wanted to print out her change of address notes.

Brett and I had volunteered for a photo shoot with the Chorus this afternoon; one of the gay magazines is doing a twelve-days-of-Christmas feature and they wanted ‘ten gay boys singing’. We had been told to allow an hour for the session but in the end it was over in five minutes so we all went and had a coffee in the nearby Pret and caught up on the Chorus gossip.

We had talked of seeing The Chronicles of Narnia in Leicester Square after the shoot but there was a massive queue, so we gave up on the idea and booked tickets for later this evening in Wimbledon. In the end neither Ping nor Rowan (who had previously expressed an interest could make it there/then) so we just booked for ourselves.

We had a wander around Soho and up to Regent Street before heading home, making a nominal attempt at Christmas shopping but neither of us could find what we wanted. The centre of town was virtually one solid crowd of people. The worst part of it was tripping over the tourists every few yards as they stopped to take photographs of the Christmas lights!

The movie turned out to be a fairly good re-telling of the book. From what I had heard I had been expecting some serious re-writing into a religious icon when in fact it is no more or less of an allegory than the original book is. It is a good visualisation, although somewhat derivative of the Lord of the Rings movies in that respect. I didn’t check the credits, but I suspect Weta did a lot of it. Some of the back-projection was pretty poor though.

Tomorrow has to be serious Christmas shopping online I think.

Finally; I was sent a rather bizarre link by Chris C in Dallas. See what you make of it, but as I read the story I was reminded of the decadence preceding the fall of Rome

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