Monday, December 05, 2005


There are a couple of landmarks to note today.

Firstly this is the first day that Civil Partnerships are legal in the UK. The BBC article noting the fact is rather bizarrely titled ‘Gay Weddings become law in the UK’ when in fact I think they really mean ‘Gay Weddings become legal in the UK’. Making them mandatory would, I suspect, have provoked a bit of an outcry.

Nevertheless this law is a great achievement; gay couples are now legally recognised in the same way as straight couples; another institutionalised discrimination removed. I raise a glass tonight to one of the government’s more worthwhile achievements.

The other landmark is that today is the anniversary of the first post I made to this blog. In the past my journals have tended to tail off after a couple of weeks, but when I go back and read them now I always wish I had managed to continue them. They record periods of time when I was a different person. Not dramatically different, but they are snapshots of me growing over the years.

Having an audience has had the desired effect and kept me at my writing. Thank you all (you crazy people!) for reading regularly and giving me the ego-massage that keeps me at it!

As for a substantive post to mark the occasion, I’m afraid I don’t have one ready and it’s too late to knock one up by getting outraged at something, so I’ll leave you with the daily trivia: Work was dull. Choir was fun. OMG! The first concert’s in ten days, I’m on the front row and there are still lots of words I don’t know… Eeek! Good job I have a wonderful man to help keep me sane.

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