Sunday, December 25, 2005

Poker on Christmas Day

Lazed around for the morning and half of the afternoon, then headed over to Susan and Al’s for lunch. Lots of leftovers to choose from – I loved the very tasty beef (pot-roast?)

Al had the first seven chapters of R. Kelly’s ‘Urban Opera’ Trapped In The Closet on Tivo and suggested we watch it. It’s a bit strange; proper kind of an opera storyline done by a R&B artist but by the sound of it, it’s more of a soap opera as he keeps releasing extra chapters. A curiosity, though, for sure.

There was a certain amount of discussion about whether we wanted to all see a movie and what movie that should be; it went round in circles for a while and eventually petered out. In the end Susan took the kids to see Cheaper By The Dozen 2 while seven of us stayed behind and played poker.

It was a good and fast-paced game and I think I performed adequately, although I didn’t take the pot in either of the two tournaments we played; when I get bored, I tend to bluff too much and end up getting suckered into big pots on duff hands. Not wise.

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