Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another Al-Qaeda Recruiting Poster

Reading the news today, Condoleezza Rice’s statement about US interrogation techniques not only failed to reassure me but actually made me more suspicious about the whole thing. If it’s all legal and above board why circumvent the extradition process and effectively kidnap your suspect? If it’s all legal, why not do it in the US instead of flying them away from the jurisdiction of American Courts? Then of course there is the US administration’s definition of torture, which seems to be far, far narrower than what you or I would call torture. And finally, no denial whatsoever about the CIA maintaining prisons in out-of-the-way nations for ‘interrogation’ without reference to international law.

Do the ends justify the means? Is it still the Land of the Free if the law only protects some people and you can abduct and torture with impunity those who you suspect of being against your way of life? Is it just me or is that the modus operandi of the Secret Police in the Banana Republic of your choice?

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