Sunday, December 18, 2005


Today has mostly been spent relaxing after yesterday’s exertions. I cleared some of my email backlog and washed up the accumulated crockery (oh, for a decent dishwasher!) This evening I headed over to Putney for a couple of hours to hear one of my work colleagues, Jon M, play in his band at a venue there. Despite the sound mix being rather poor (could hardly catch the vocals over the music) they sounded rather good, so much so that I put my name down for their mailing list.

Came back to watch a drama about Edward & Mrs Simpson on Tivo which treated the Duchess of Windsor rather more favourably than others I have seen. Downloaded some of the pics of yesterday’s concert which were, alas, all taken from the rear of the auditorium, so not the finest shots of us in action.

Got to go to work again tomorrow. Eek!

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