Saturday, December 17, 2005

En Route to Brighton

So, here I am, sitting on another uncomfortable coach. This one's heading south though, to Brighton.
Today's trip is going closer to plan than Wednesday's did. I was in better condition for a start; the cold hasn't completely cleared but so long as I don't do any sprinting or heavy lifting I think I'll be okay. We made it to the South Bank in time for a leisurely lunch before departing and, while running slightly late, the journey is going smoothly.
I knew that Rich H was coming to see the show (he lives in Brighton) with some of his friends, but Rosie rang me up this morning to tell me that Janice M, one of our old school crowd, was going to be in the audience too! I don't know if we'll get time to see her after the show, but it's nice to know she'll be there. First-timers at our concerts are usually very enthusiastic afterwards, so maybe she'll be at some future show where we have more time afterwards.
Right, blogging on a mobile phone is killing my thumb - even with predictive text switched on - so I'll sign off now.

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