Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dan's Party

Dan’s party on Saturday night proved an enjoyable affair! His flat is a lovely size and recently refurbished I think (so we spent a fair amount of time appreciating all that.) The party was nominally for the Chorus’ Bass section. Brett got invited along as a former roommate of Dan’s and a former Bass and, as his partner, I rated an invitation too. On the whole we had a very nice evening. Brett did get cornered for a while by Martin K who wanted to talk Chorus politics, but I got to circulate and chatted to David M and met Jamie P and Marcus C-S and their respective boyfriends for the first time which was all very pleasant. Brett did manage to do the rounds as well though. In Dan's terribly organised fashion though, everything wound up around 11:30 and we wended our weary (and slightly sozzled) way home to bed.

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