Thursday, March 23, 2006

Friends and Relations

For the first time in months, yesterday I left work while it was still light outside. Okay, it was only barely light, but it definitely wasn’t night yet. Since we’re a few days past the Spring Equinox, a rough approximation says I’ve been going home in the dark for six months. No wonder I could do with a break.

Luckily I’m going to have one at the end of next week! I’ve booked my final five days off for the year (our company’s holiday year ends at the start of May, for reasons which I’ve never discovered.) I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere special, although I may take a few days in Edinburgh, as Brett can’t get the time off with me – largely because he’s been taking lots of days of for driving lessons and suchlike. Even so, I think a few days of total laziness and a few days of doing whatever I want to do will probably perk me up a bit.

Had dinner over at Rosie’s last night. In the end Andy’s friend wasn’t there – which is probably just as well, as Rosie hadn’t got the lamb joint in the oven in time for it to be ready for us to eat, so we ended up ordering an Indian, which Brett and I ended up paying for! It was a good Indian though!

We also got a note from Russell E and his partner Ed the other day. We haven’t seen them for a while and it turns out this is because they are gearing up to stand for election to their local council. The note was a request for helpers for their campaign and, although I’m hardly a political activist, I think I may head along and help them to stuff some envelopes and do some catching up.

While I’m thinking politics, I saw this article the other day. It appears that Alan B’Stard has crossed the floor and is now a New Labour MP! That says it all about our beloved Prime Minister’s standing in the country…

Anyway, time for bed. We’re off to the Lakes tomorrow, along with my sister and Andy, joining us on the weekend jaunt for the first time. Sid, my boss, is also in the area over the weekend so we’re going to see if we can meet up for the top nosh on Saturday night.

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Gay Dad said...

Beware of volunterring for a campaign. Once they have your name, you, your time off, and your money are never free.