Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Joined an All-Girl Band

It was another one of those Chorus days. I got up and REALLY did not want to go to the all-day rehearsal. In the shower I was pretty much convinced that I was going to drop out of this show and have a break for a season. But then I went along anyway and I was sitting next to Jerry H who, for all that he looks like a total bully-boy, is such a gentle sweety and with a great sense of humour that I couldn’t stay grumpy.

Today was a choreography rehearsal too and Stuart, as ever, was hugely entertaining as he taught us his moves. Our rehearsals are inevitably peppered with innuendo, but today’s was especially well-seasoned in that regard. My personal favourite had to be the instruction to the Tenor sections to “go down and stay down on the Baritones’ do-do’s.” Priceless and, in context, totally proper!

By the time we got home this evening we were totally exhausted but very upbeat.

On a separate note, if you shared my childish pleasure at receiving a model of K-9 yesterday, you can see a photograph of him here.

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