Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sitting On A Train

So here I sit, almost exactly an hour out from London, twiddling my thumbs.

After my experience on the way up with a shortage of seats (I got one, but many people didn’t) I decided to avoid the issue on the way down and paid the small upgrade fee for ‘Weekend First.’ It turns out it was wasted money; Virgin Trains don’t have WiFi at all – let alone free WiFi in First Class – nor do they have a restaurant car or at-seat service from the buffet. My walk down to get a coffee from the ‘onboard shop’ also revealed that there were spare seats in Standard Class, so I could have saved myself £15 and still had a comfortable (if crowded) ride home.

Ah well.

It’s amazing how many people have laptops these days; there seems to be one on virtually every other table on this train – and those that don’t have laptops are all plumbed-in to their iPods or mini DVD-players.

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