Saturday, March 18, 2006


And so the calendar has clicked around again and I have clocked-up another year. No great revelations as to the meaning of life; it’s just another day.

Having said that, it was a lovely peaceful day; Brett did everything he could to make me feel special; let me sleep as long as I wanted, made me coffee, brought me lunch, cooked me dinner and watched whatever TV I wanted to watch. He also wrote the sweetest message in my birthday card. I spent this morning watching more episodes of Long Way Round. After lunch I gave my bike a wash down (which it desperately needed) and in the process confirmed that my back wheel is slightly buckled, so I dropped it into the Wimbledon Bike Shop for repair. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading (currently The Nonborn King) and then this evening we watched The Last Emperor.

I received several Happy Birthday messages through the day; the first from Owen (who seems to take perverse pleasure in sending such things at the stroke of midnight – presumably forgetting that some people leave their phone on overnight), Scott and Rich C. There were also an email from Ping and a phonecall from my mother.

Lots of presents, of course, and the one I seem most fond of is actually the smallest; a desperately cute die-cast model of K9 bought for me by my sister. It’s only five centimetres long, but I love it.

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