Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Madcap Recap

Another busy week at work. Nothing spectacular to report though; just more backup problems, more meetings. Oh, and someone in Edinburgh going to add another connection to the network and inadvertently disconnecting the rest of the office while she was at it!

Chorus on Monday was fun; no choreography, but good music. Scott L seems to have gotten over his huff and Jamie P came and chatted to us during the break. Am missing seeing John and Rich though; John is off in India with work and Rich is at home getting over a minor operation.

Brett passed his driving test today (Yeay!) which means he can share the driving when we go up to the Lake District this weekend. We’re off to my sister’s tonight so she can cook us dinner and introduce us to one of Andy’s friends (for reasons which aren’t entirely clear…)

Saw a frightening article on the BBC yesterday about the schemes that Estate Agents get up to to wring the most money out of their clients: Sobering reading/watching when you are about to step into the Housing Market! I’d say that we’re going to steer clear of Foxtons, except I imagine that the same kind of practices will go on in any of the major high-street agencies. We’ll just have to be doubly-certain of what we want and what we want to spend before we actually set foot out there! Oh, and have no scruples about double-crossing even the most charming of Estate Agents…

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John said...

Missing you too, chuck. Apologies for the lack of b'day wishes, but was in transit. Anyway, belated birthday greetings from hot and sunny Pune, India!