Friday, March 03, 2006

To Buy or not To Buy

So here we are; Friday night again. Too much to do and too little time to do it in. The second half of the week was no less fulfilling than the first; I continued to struggle against intransigent backup software/hardware/media in Rav’s absence, while being virtually hounded by one of our suppliers, wanting our response to a proposal they’ve made to outsource some of our hardware.

It was all rounded off in appropriate style by a conversation with my boss where he finally really came to grips with the dire straits we are in with this backup business. I suspect we will be moving into a higher gear on Monday…

Away from work, my mind has been more on seeking accommodation for when our lease runs out in May. Somewhere along the line over the last couple of weeks, I seem to have come around to the idea that we might just be able to afford to buy a house, rather than rent for another six or twelve months. I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to this idea, as Brett has been espousing it for months, and even now I think it’s going to be a big stretch but the simple fact is that property isn’t getting any cheaper. The question in the housing market these days is of the second order, not the first; it’s not whether prices are going up or down, it’s about whether the rate of price increase is going up or down!

Even as I write this, though, I’m having second thoughts. Contemplating the amount of committed time both this month and next month, when are we going to have time to organise a last-minute house purchase? We are leaving it very late and I’m not sure I want to choose a house to buy just because we have to meet a deadline; that seems to be rather putting the cart before the horse…

Anyway, as I’m at my parent’s place this weekend, I suppose I’ll have some time to contemplate the decision before possibly plunging into the preliminaries of conveyancing next week.

Incidentally, I’ve finally seen some benefit out of this unseasonably cold weather we’ve been having; it had snowed just enough around Wigan and St. Helens this afternoon to make it all Christmas-card pretty, without making trouble on the roads. It was a lovely drive from the station to the parents’

Right, off to bed now, as it’s getting late and I am well tired after this week!

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