Friday, March 24, 2006

View from the Penthouse

Somehow it took us eight hours to get to Keswick today. We set off around 1:30pm as Brett had needed to go to the Danish Embassy for his visa first and had then on to sign the contract for the venue for our concert on April 29th. For reasons too complicated to explain, we ended up travelling through Central London and up the Edgeware Road to the M1 – which, as any Londoner will tell you, is not the fastest way to cross the city by car! Consequently we hit the beginning of the Friday rush-hour at the start of the motorway; we were nose-to-tail for a while and relatively slow moving all the way to Preston.

We eventually made it and had a quick pint in the local pub (some very nice Cumberland Ale!) before checking-in at the B&B. Rosie persuaded us to swap rooms with them as Andy was having difficulty with the stairs (he has a heart problem), so we are up in the attic room. One side benefit of this is that someone nearby has provided open wireless Internet access, something which I never detected while we were staying in the annexe…

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