Saturday, March 25, 2006

Walking then Dinner

We got in quite late last night, so I was a fairly gruff animal this morning until breakfast began to seep its way into my system. Once we got sorted though, we had a good day on the hill. There wasn’t much sunshine and the lying snow tended to mess with the exposure levels on my camera so not so many nice shots as last time, but what decent photos there are can be found here.

Mum, Rosie & Andy weren’t up for hillwalking and had a leisurely day showing Andy around the area as this is the first time he’s been to the Lakes.

We were off the hill by late afternoon and had showers and a nap before we were expected in Threlkeld for dinner at the Horse and Farrier. This is part of the biannual ritual of these walks; dinner at the Farrier, a inn which has developed into a bit of a gastropub of late, followed by a sociable singsong. While some of the rest of the group seemed to have problems with the service (which, while leisurely, didn’t seem that bad to me) the food was very good (apart from my tuna which was overdone…) We stayed for a while after dinner as the instruments came out and the folk-singing began, but left a little before eleven as we were both fairly weary.

Tomorrow we’re going over to Helen’s farm in the morning, where our family spent several holidays when I was a teenager. It’s a sixteenth century farmhouse, with even older out-buildings, which I remember fondly and am looking forward to seeing again (assuming of course that Helen doesn’t stay up too late tonight with the singers in Threlkeld!)

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