Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Avenue Q - 2

After the drama of getting to dinner late and then having to wolf it down, the show was a relief. I wasn’t laughing all the way through this time as I was the first time, but it still caught me out quite a few times and you do get involved in the story. I even heckled at one point!

We were in the second row again. Apparently the seats only cost £20 as opposed to £40 for the rows behind, but you still get an excellent view – I could probably do that show again (possibly more than once!) for that price. It cheered me up and I came away with several of the songs going around in my head. Just what the doctor ordered.


Anonymous said...

Has a temper and is a nuisance. Nice.

Liam said...

Yes, I’m annoyed, but I think I have a right to be. What is the point of having a mobile phone if you don’t carry it with you when you are away from home? What is the point of having a mobile phone if you leave it switched on but never answer it because you’ve turned off the ringer?

People hear the ringing tone when they call, so they expect it will be answered – because if you didn’t want people to call you on the phone, you’d have set a divert or turned the phone off, wouldn’t you?

Anonymous said...

I can practically feel the venom hitting my face.