Friday, October 06, 2006

Lou's Party

So, Friday after work I had been invited for a few drinks to celebrate Lou’s birthday. Lou is one of the secretaries at work, kind of a PA to an entire department. I like her; she is a very down-to-earth person, neither empty-headed nor too full of herself – unlike many in her profession.

The chosen venue was Jack’s, a cocktail bar just off The Cut. There were a number of colleagues there and some of Lou’s other friends – and even a couple of BT engineers she knows from the gym! We were celebrating her forty-second birthday but I swear I wouldn’t have guessed her age as much above thirty. (I must see if I can score some skin-care secrets off her on Monday, although I suspect that for me it’s probably way too late!)

I managed to put away three cocktails in an hour (they had a dangerously drinkable thing called a Showdown. It came in a tall glass and had passion-fruit and a lot of alcohol in it somewhere.) Lou was definitely settling in for the night, with more friends on their way, whereas I was more in need of a night off so I didn’t stay too long. A good evening though – and quite the tonic after a rotten week at work.

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