Friday, October 27, 2006

Sick Boy

OK, so just when I thought I had my week nicely planned, I go and get sick again. The headache that I thought was from overindulgence at Peter’s birthday party on Tuesday night, hadn’t gone away the next day and had been joined by the nausea and exhaustion. Cue time off work, cancelled flights and general misery for me.

I got to see the doctor on Thursday and he was a bit more convincing with his migraine diagnosis than my last one. He also had something to quell the nausea and get me eating and drinking again without throwing up. Today the medication was taking effect and I began to feel human again.

Not a lot happening though; took a walk around the near bit of the Common this afternoon and surfed some this evening before watching Jarhead on DVD. Also got chatting to a guy on Out who wants me to do some portrait photography for him – something I’ve mean meaning to do more of for ages

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