Saturday, October 21, 2006

Le saint affamé

So the rest of the week passed in a bit of a blur. I spent Wednesday afternoon reading Dawkins and then we drove back in the evening. Thursday and Friday at work were busy but not unduly hectic. Even so, I was more than ready for the end of play on Friday…

The parents were down too and despite best intentions I hadn’t managed to arrange anything so Rosie booked us into her local little-gem of a French restaurant in Battersea. Had a lovely dinner there, but began to nod-off by the end of it, so was even less good conversation than usual.

Saturday was an intentionally lazy day. I managed to finish trimming the worst bits out of the home video we took when Brett’s dad was over and got it ready to burn to DVD. All I’ve got to do now is index the rest of my still-photographs of the trip and we’ll be set for the Thanksgiving visit to Dallas. Spent a while chatting to Joe R online too. I sometimes amaze myself at my ability to not talk to someone for over a year and then pick as if it were yesterday.

Tonight we went to watch The Devil Wears Prada again with the parents (the other proposal, Marie Antoinette, mother didn’t like the sound of) and it was just as much fun as the first time; no hidden depths, no great action or suspense, but most enjoyable.

The downside was that I got a parking ticket for not parking in a bay in the over-full car park beside the cinema. That put a bit of a damper on the evening, especially since everyone else does it too and no one else there had got a ticket. I soothed my irritation with twenty-two-year-old whisky when I got home (well, dad wanted to try some of the Edradour I bought when we were up there in July.) Bah, time for bed!

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