Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lunch and Dinner

Today was all about a trip to Bristol. Sid and I were off to visit Hewlett Packard to talk about storage with them and see a demo of a SAN we are considering buying. It meant an early morning start and then a long drive to the other side of the country (more or less) but it was a productive meeting and demo. We also had a very nice lunch on HP.

I came back into the office for a couple of hours afterwards; long enough to work through my mail, before heading over to a nearby bar which had been hired out for our Managing Director’s 60th birthday surprise party. Normally I am not a big fan of company socials like this, but this one went well. There was good food and I ended up having a nice long chat with several of the consultants, so I guess I did my bit for the IT Team’s public relations and had a good time at it.

Chatted some with Joe R online tonight. He is going through the break-up of a relationship and is feeling a bit rough about it. I think I managed to cheer him up a bit… Along the way though, he managed to throw me a rather left-field question about my own mental state. It looks like we’re going to have an interesting discussion over dinner next week!

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