Friday, October 13, 2006

Tasty Biscuit

It’s Friday and finally I’m feeling good. While I started the week getting piled on from all directions, I finished it having put some order into the chaos and now I’m on holiday for a while.

The weather helped to be honest; it was a lovely crisp day today; dry, not uncomfortably cold and with bright winter sunshine angling in from the south. I had lunch booked with Crouch End Johnny and we met up at Borough Market for tasty chorizo sandwiches followed by a trip to the nearby Konditor & Cook for coffee and cakes. John’s boss was on holiday, so he wasn’t rushing to get back to the office, and I felt I’d put in enough stress and hours this week to justify a long lunch, so we sat on the base of a pillar at the edge of the market to enjoy our cakes in the sunshine while we watched the world go by. It was quite blissfull.

The rest of the afternoon turned out to hold no surprises so my day came to a neat and pre-planned conclusion right on schedule.

That felt really good.

So far the weekend is largely unplanned; we have a house-party with one of Brett’s former colleagues tomorrow night but already I’m thinking I might try to duck out of it and leave Brett to go by himself; I just really don’t want to have to deal with ‘people’ for a while. I recognise it as part of my unwinding after stressful periods; I withdraw. Friends and family I can handle, as they know me for the grumpy muppet I am, but most social situations I avoid. I don’t want to have to make conversation or conform in any way to anyone else’s expectations; I just need some me time.

Not sure how that’s going to work out when we head off to Ping’s birthday retreat on the Kent coast for the first half of next week. While I know some of the guests enough to be relaxed with them, there are some who I know only slightly. Hmm. Well, maybe I can just stay in our room and read my book… I have been saving Richard Dawkins’ latest offering, The God Delusion, for this break.

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