Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Postcard From Commuterville

Autumn is definitely here; no question about it. The air is crisp and there are leaves on the ground. I'm following the herd to my cattletruck and thence to the slaughterhouse of my ambitions... But on a more optimistic note; at least it's not raining and the outlook is good.
Today is a long day; in early and out late. At least I've got a new toy to play with to help pass the time. A demo kit of a new phone system we are considering arrived yesterday and I've got the rest of the week to mess with it and see if it will do everything we want. Fun, fun, fun!
Tonight we're off to dinner and a show (Avenue Q again) to help Ping celebrate his 40th birthday. Should be a good night; I've seen Avenue Q before and enjoyed it and this morning Brett seems to be over the cold that's been draining him for the last few days.
We're approaching Waterloo now and parallelling a Eurostar train. If I had my passport with me I'd be so tempted to just change platforms and spend the day idling in Paris...

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