Saturday, January 06, 2007

Appeasing and Angering the Gods

Haven’t blogged much because I haven’t had much to say. Work has pottered along, not too busy, not too dull. Next week everything is going to pick up again as we get back into the swing of things.

Curtis was in town today, en route back to Melbourne having spent the Christmas holiday with his mother in South Carolina and then had a short sojourn in Barcelona before coming back to London. He’d enjoyed Barcelona and sound like he wants to do more European city culture in the coming years.

After we’d bade him farewell at the Wimbledon Station, Brett and I headed down to the Odeon where we watched Apocalypto, the new Mel Gibson film set against the end of the Aztec empire. I’d heard good reviews about it, but in the end I was disappointed by a standard Hollywood plotline which left me none the wiser about the fall of the Aztecs: Just as gruesome as The Passion and just as pointless.

Spent most of the rest of the day mucking about on blogs. Finally completed a lengthy comment on HIV and the delights of biblical morality. You can find it way down on this post (when Mark finally gets around to approving it!) and then, to cleanse my palate, enjoyed reading these two posts by a couple of articulate atheists and got halfway through composing an entry of my own on the evolving use of the word ‘gay’ which I’ll put up when I think I’ve said all I want to.

Tomorrow is a photographic day as John M and I are heading up to Ping’s place to take advantage of his white minimalist tendencies to do some portrait shots for his (John’s) various online presences.

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