Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reviewing A Life On Hungerford Bridge

Still clearing up after the Leeds debacle at work. Now also beginning work on shutting down our Adelaide office which closes at the end of next week. Lot’s of stuff going on at work at the moment.

Socially it feels like I’ve been busy when in fact I’ve not… I think it’s just that I’ve been working late a lot and then when I’ve had evenings in, I’ve been processing the new members of the Chorus.

Last night though I joined Ping for the David Hockney retrospective at the Portrait Gallery which was quite enjoyable; some of his line drawings are spectacularly perfect in their execution and he has an ability to capture a person’s expression. He also did some interesting things with collages of photographs, sometimes building up a single image by photographing a scene in small sections and sometimes creating a more fluid image, where he collages a single scene but uses multiple pictures of an expression or a hand doing something to give the central theme more movement or depth. I rather want to experiment with the technique in a digital form. So many possibilities…

Today has been a pleasant relax at home. It’s nice to have Brett around – I miss his company and just his physical presence the way our respective schedules have been recently; we seem to be ships that pass in the night as often as not but today I’ve had my quota of hugs and kisses.

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