Saturday, January 27, 2007

Youth Group Reunion

Okay, so I guess I just always expect the worst from people. I shouldn’t.

The reunion was great fun actually; not dissimilar from the get together we had at our parents’ place just before Christmas, but with more people. Just a big nostalgia-fest really. No aggressive one-upmanship. Most people hadn’t changed that much, some had a bit more weight or a bit less hair but mostly they looked as I remember them from our chaotic teenage years. Nigel, the organiser, is going to send round a CD of the old photographs that he had printed out and stuck on the wall and I may publish a few of them on here for you to smile at; there’s lots of teenage attitude and 80’s fashions. For all that though, tonight I feel like an old man pining for the golden days of youth. I’m also annoyed with myself at being so reticent to talk to people; I hardly spoke to Kirk & Craig B, Janice N, Colin G and the whole idea was to catch up with people. Ah well, maybe I’ll just have to organise another one in five years time.

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