Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, quite a day yesterday with the weather. It brought a tree down behind our flat – the tallest one too, so although I’ll miss it we now get to see more sky in the summer. Our office in Leeds, which is towards the top of a skyscraper lost connection for a while when the power went out in the telephone exchange providing their internet circuit. The building was swaying too apparently, which I thought would be rather fun, but reportedly just made people seasick. They got sent home eventually as the police closed off some of the town centre.

Nothing that remarkable in London, although the gusting wind kept pushing the two laser units carrying network traffic between our two buildings out of alignment so, after much frustration for the users, we eventually switched them over to the backup wireless system. The regular ‘Health and Safety’ emails from our Facilities team proved an unexpected source of light relief though.

I understand from my sister that getting home by public transport last night was a bit of a trial but I rather lucked-out; I stayed late because we had (typically!) last-minute problems arise on the email server which had to be solved before I could leave in good conscience. Consequently I was an hour later than usual leaving the office. Waterloo was busier then that it would be at my normal time (18:45) and there were only four trains on the board but one of them was for Wimbledon, I hopped on it and two minutes later it departed. Synchronicity!

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