Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the Treadmill

I am planning to join a gym. I’ve been thinking about it for a while; since I’ve stopped cycling to work I’ve been putting on weight and just generally conscious of getting no meaningful exercise. I’ll probably start cycling again once the clocks change and I can cycle both to and from work in the light and avoid all the faffing about with the lights, batteries and chargers, but I’m also looking for something which helps with the fitness but takes less planning on a daily basis.

Brett is a member of the local Esporta, although he very rarely goes, so because it’s very convenient (between the flat and the train station) I thought I’d check them out to see what the costs were and if their membership terms were any less draconian than gyms I’ve joined in the past. It turns out that they are not. The only good thing about it though is that the membership manager agreed to limit my minimum commitment to six months if we change addresses –something which we are highly likely to be doing in May.

So that’s the plan; having pondered some more overnight, I’m heading down this morning with Brett (joint membership is marginally cheaper than two singles) to sign the paperwork. We’re even going to get a permanently-allocated locker so that we can leave essential kit instead of having to have it with us and then, in the mornings, instead of me sitting on the sofa surfing for a couple of hours before work while Brett lays in bed, we should be getting some cardiovascular exercise in.

I know that I have pretty miserable amounts of willpower, so I’m planning the whole concept around making it as routine and easy as possible to do; doing something every morning means we get used to getting up earlier, we can leave trainers and washbags there so I don’t have to carry it to work with me or take a detour back home, keeping a supply of shorts, t-shirts and socks at the gym will mean it’s also something that I can do on my way home from work if I feel the urge (because I know that if I have to go home first, I’ll sit on the sofa and not move again all evening!)

Reading over what I’ve just written, it does sound rather like an over-excited child, but hopefully if we really can establish a low-maintenance routine we will stick with it and do ourselves some good.

Watch this space…

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JohnnyFox said...

have you considered any cardiovascular exercise BEFORE he gets out of bed?