Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Chorus 'Christmas' Party

Had a nice relaxing day today; lazed around, blogged, read through a few other blogs, added a comment along the way, lazed around and read some more. Before you know it, the day is half over and it’s time to go and have a Christmas Party. Yes once again, because we are so busy putting on shows around the end of the year, the Chorus had its Christmas party in January.

It was the same format as last year; there was a cabaret in which various members showcase their vocal talent, a magic show and the now traditional visit from the crazy Jewish grandmother (drag act) Mentl Plotkin. After a short break, the cabaret was followed by the annual Chorus awards; a partly serious, mostly light-hearted review of the high’s and low’s of people’s behaviour over the year. My website got nominated in the ‘best online presence’ category again, which again surprised me; the website is pretty static and rather outdated (By the way, a big ‘hello’ to any Chorine’s who have found their way here for the first time by following the link from the website! Sorry, no cock-shots here either…) What photo galleries there are haven’t been updated in a while as I post most of my photos to Flickr now and I should probably update the biographical stuff too. Ah well.

I tend to be the wandering photographer at the Christmas party and this year was no different. The only problem was, because the venue (The Black Cap) get’s quite crowded, I’d taken my old Fuji point-and-shoot rather than the nice, new (but expensive) Nikon. As a result, I kept missing the good pictures because of the delay between pressing the button and the picture actually being recorded; really annoying. Next year I’ll take a risk on the DSLR. (BTW, watch this space for a link to the photos tomorrow…)

We didn’t stay terribly late – I’m still pretty weary from the heavy week. Rosie arrived home not long after us and was enthusiastic about the show she’d been to see; an innovative production of Faust in Wapping where the audience don masks and wander through a large warehouse as the action takes place around them. She’d been dubious about the whole concept before going, but thoroughly recommended it to us afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Chorine's was bad enough, but get's?

Liam said...

OMG! Note to self; stop writing blog entries at silly hours of the morning - you know your fingers just do their own thing on that keyboard!!