Monday, January 01, 2007

Clean and Tidy

There is something very satisfying about a tray of freshly washed wine glasses. Half an hour ago they were covered in greasy fingerprints and the dregs of last night’s merlot but now they are bright and sparkling. Lovely.

Last night we had a party to see in the New Year (hence the wine glasses) which was quite enjoyable – albeit a little short of people (which serves me right for leaving it so long to organise; most of the invitees had already made other arrangements.) Nevertheless a good time was had by all.

Another good thing about hosting the party was that it really focussed us to tidy the flat up. I’d come back from an otherwise enjoyable week at my parents with a bit of a feeling of time wasted because there was so much work to be done here. Over the weekend though we managed to get it all done and we are, at long last, in a fairly tidy flat – albeit one with a very large TV that we have no home for…

Now I’ve got to face going back to work after all this time off. Hmm.

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