Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Animal Farm?

So where are we at?

It’s Day Four in big brother’s house and most of the housemates are still in the lounge watching TV. Andy is off to Battersea to get ready for work.

Mum has been great; shopping, cooking and washing for everyone. Apparently dad is coming down at the weekend, but Andy will be away with work so it won’t make it any more crowded than it already is. When all is said and done, though, Rosie is looking a lot better which is what it’s all about.

In other news, the real Big Brother has come to our office, or so it seems. This week we’ve had the CCTV system upgraded so that it’s now available over the network (to those animals who are more equal than others) and I’ve just tested it out from home – if I want to, I can view the cameras from my sofa at home. Freaky!

We are also installing an email archiving system that will be keeping a copy of every single email that is sent or received by the staff in our company. It’s a huge amount of storage to manage but as well as legal compliance, it will help a lot in future on a day-to-day basis as people are always deleting important emails that they need back.

That said, work is busy at the moment and I’m glad and tired when each day ends

Brett has formally accepted the offer of redundancy, so it’s official now. He is still waiting to hear the exact finish date, although we think it’s going to be the end of June, when his current project finishes. I think the plan now is to see if any jobs are available with his current skill set. If nothing has come up by September (which is when we are currently committed to with Chorus events) then we’ll review the situation some and may try a few more radical options.

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