Thursday, May 18, 2006

Interesting Times

There is a saying, called a curse by some, May you live in interesting times.”

I look forward to the ‘Interesting Times.’ Without something to stir it up, life can stagnate and become dull – and what is the point of life if you are just killing time until you die? So it is with a sense of seeking the silver-linings that I fill you in on the happenings of my week so far.

You have probably already read about Rosie being taken into hospital. I visited her at lunchtime and, although she looked pretty worn, she was generally in good condition for having been under the knife fifteen hours previously. She was sitting up and eating okay and seemed to perk up for having some company. The hospital wanted to keep her in for another night’s observation though – which to be honest I think is a good idea, as it’s probably going to be a minor trauma in its own right driving her home unless she is thoroughly stoked on analgesics.

I am not sure how she is feeling in her mind though; she didn’t have much time to get used to being pregnant before having to accept the fact that the pregnancy couldn’t happen, but I know that both her and Andy want children and I hope that this isn’t all too big a psychological blow to them.

The silver lining to all this? Well, sitting at home last night, waiting for a message to say she was out of theatre and all was well, reminded me of how important my sister is to me. Those who know me or have been reading this blog for a while will know that I don’t believe in ‘family’ for family’s sake (I have little in common with many of my blood-relations and we aren’t really close) but my parents, Rosie and I are close and it would be a subtle and insidious torment should something happen to any of them. It is good to be reminded of what your loved ones mean to you from time to time.

Another event in the mix is Brett’s job. Recently his company announced they were making serious cutbacks in their European operation and asked for voluntary redundancies. There have also been fairly strong rumours of his division being sold off. Brett put in a speculative enquiry about the redundancy package and heard today that he was being made an offer. He is to expect a letter from the company this weekend with details.

There has been a certain amount of vagueness in the information the company has offered to date, but we are expecting offer of a fairly decent lump sum and several months’ wages. So this weekend we have to sit down, consider the amount(s) on offer and decide what to do; whether Brett should take the redundancy and if he does which way to go from there. (Training to acquire more saleable skills? House deposit? Trip around the world?)

Dinner with Chris C on Tuesday also had an effect on me. It was a little bit of a last-minute arrangement, but in the end we had a mouth-watering meal in what must be the last restaurant in the village that I hadn’t yet tried. For once we both forwent the wine and had a more lucid conversation for it. I never realised before how he admired me for pushing the envelope when I was younger, while I have always admired him for his drive to achieve. It was Chris who, over fresh crab and Beef Wellington, reminded me, as only a good friend can, that it’s the Interesting Times that make life, well, interesting.

We should seek them out, not fear them.

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czechOUT said...

My favourite cousin had an ectopic pregnancy, and had one of her tubes removed. She has since had two boys, now aged 8 and 5. So fingers crossed for your sister, and family will still happen!