Sunday, May 07, 2006

Save The Internet

I was awake fairly early today and spent a while composing ‘The God Slot’ post before dozing off again. At 11 we were off down to South Wimbledon for a very pleasant brunch with John M. Ginger and Rhubarb muffins could become my new favourite!

After brunch we did some shopping and then headed home. Not much got done this afternoon; I filled in a lengthy form for a health assessment on Tuesday and did some more brochure-research in preparation for booking our Egypt trip. There was also a certain amount of blog-surfing done. I poked one of my favourite conservative ranters a bit but didn’t really make much of a point. I also popped back to Wil Wheaton’s blog and found a couple of interesting links; first this one about a guy tracking his flight over the Atlantic by checking out his Internet routing (probably of geek interest only) and then this one, of more general interest, about maintaining a level playing field for all Internet users. You may notice I’ve added a ‘Save the Net’ button to my sidebar. Click on it to read about what’s happening and sign the petition if you live in America or Canada.

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