Monday, May 01, 2006

Beware Short-Sightedness

While I wasn’t watching the snooker though, I did browse my first newspaper in a while and found an interesting article about the imminent introduction of legislation banning discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. It’s something the gay community has been pushing-for for years, but are we really ready to welcome straight couples into bars and clubs that used to be ‘gay’?

And speaking of shallow thinking and hypocrisy, my thanks to Gay Dad for forwarding me this link which I found both stomach-churning and fascinating at the same time. It’s a religious programme designed to “give you the tools to defend your faith.” It’s fronted by a couple of guys whose vacuous presenting style makes Play School look like it’s presented by razor-sharp intellectuals. They compare the design of a can of Pepsi with the features of a banana, even pointing out how well a banana fits into a human hand and points towards the mouth, as evidence that it must have been designed for us to eat. Ergo: God. I wish I could find those guys and show them this article about the dangers of evidence which appears to fit a theory so closely. Come to that I’m sure we could also have a fascinating chat about fossil records and the evolution of the human eye

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