Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's Fight ALL Terrorists!

On a political note; since we are now inescapably embroiled in The Global War on Terror, can’t we put it to better use than invading oil-rich Arab countries? These animal rights fanatics are just as much terrorists as Osama’s mob.

I feel a very sadistic, yet strangely compelling, desire to create Guantanamo Bay (UK) Ltd where we can use members of ‘Campaign Against Huntingdon Life Sciences’ for testing new drugs before they are trialled on humans. I’m sure that’s what they’d want anyway if it meant letting the animals go free!

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Slightly said...

Yes I'd like to put them in a small room with an annonomous drug in a needle and a cute bunny rabbit. Close the door and say we're open it when one of you has been injected. You decide.

The ultimate test for a anti-life sciences campaigner.