Sunday, May 28, 2006

Three-day Précis

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend, so although it’s Sunday there’s still another day off to come. I spent half of today working though, patching servers. Mostly did that from home and only had to be physically present for a couple of the London machines.

Friday evening, Andy took Rosie back to their place in Battersea. Yesterday, mum relocated too, leaving us on our own for the first time in a week. I liked the peace and privacy, Brett (who comes from a large family) missed the company.

Last night we went to see the recently released third X-Men movie. It was actually rather good; not the formulaic plot that action movie sequels frequently offer. There was a strange edit halfway through though, where you went from mid-afternoon to night time seemingly in the blink of an eye. I wonder what scene(s) they cut out at the last minute that resulted in that continuity cock-up…

Today we had lunch over at Rosie’s with her and the parents (Andy is away on tour now and my dad arrived this morning) before I headed into the office with Brett to spend an hour finishing off the server patching. We considered a trip out this evening to see The DaVinci Code movie, but nothing came of it; it’s a long movie which hasn’t gotten great reviews and, to be honest, I’m rather put off by all the hype – the book wasn’t really that good.

Brett is off to Scandinavia again tomorrow for the week, so I may yet end up seeing the film as a way of spending time with the family; Rosie is not yet so recovered that she is terribly mobile or active, but she reckons a careful (avoiding pot-holes and sharp braking) drive to the cinema and a VIP seat should be doable.

Anything, so long as it doesn’t involve watching more Big Brother!

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