Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another Summery Day

I think I might have overdone the cycling a little this week. It saved me a pile of money on rush-hour trains, but it’s left me worn-out. Still, at least now I’m getting more exercise and I know the pain will pass as I get back into condition.

Work has been uneventful, other than lots of planning talk about the projects we have on the go. I suppose that’s exciting in its own right, but nothing my readers are going to get to be riveted to.

Tonight after work Brett and I went up to the National Portrait Gallery for a show. They were celebrating their 150th anniversary and had got a group of choirs in to do a kind of performance-art by singing in and wandering through the galleries. One of the choirs was the Chorus’ own Small Group. It was interesting to hear the other choirs too. I particularly liked Velvet Fist and Take Twenty.

On the way home I read an interview with Stephen Sondheim in Time Out. Apparently the small production of Sunday In The Park With George that we saw a while back is transferring to the West End it’s so popular. Back home we both ate, watched West Wing and then I commented on more political mud-slinging in the US. Then off to bed.

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