Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Okay, so there wasn’t any hospitalisation today; maybe tomorrow. The ride to and from work was fine – albeit a continuous push against a reasonable headwind on the return. There was one minor involuntary vertical-axis realignment this morning, but it was embarrassing more than damaging and it served to remind me that I will need to unlearn some previously instinctive behaviours. For instance; you can’t walk your bike backwards if one of your feet is still attached to it.

The day at work was a long one; I’d gone in early to oversee the install of six new printers and, as expected there were teething-troubles to resolve. We also had a temp starting with us who needed tasking. My boss was off sick, so I had to pick up a couple of meetings for him. After all that I was glad to come home.

Brett had cooked dinner and timed it perfectly for my arrival; as soon as I was out of the shower, I was tucking into a tasty meal. After that, though, we just lazed the night away. Hardly surprising though as I feel thoroughly weary. Hopefully the remaining two days of the week will be easier.

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