Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day One in big brother's house

Doh! Ofcourse, as soon as Rosie gets released from hospital, she sets herself up on the sofa, takes possession of the remote control and starts ordering food and drink. Either I abandon the lounge, or I have to watch endless TV. Tonight it was Dr Who Confidential followed by a DVD of Madagascar and then last night’s Big Brother.

Mother showed up a little after six just as Brett was heading off for the Side By Side by Sondheim show. I was supposed to be going too, but after driving around London all day and having been out yesterday night too, I wasn’t really feeling up for it, so Brett went on his own while I stayed home and hosted the guests.

Wasn’t feeling desperately sociable to be honest, but I think I got away with it.

The Chorus has an EGM coming up to change the structure of the management committee and I’ve volunteered to update the Election Procedures in anticipation of a positive result. Haven’t done anything yet and I need to get a move on as the AGM will be following hot on the EGM’s heels. Bah.

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