Monday, May 01, 2006

A day in Mundania

A slightly frustrating day today as there was lots of stuff I could usefully have been doing, but that was all pre-empted by familial duty.

Mum and Dad had come down for the long weekend to see our show on Saturday and to help Rowan with some DIY around the house. Brett and I had taken yesterday to recover but today I felt I really ought to spend some time with them. Rowan was also keen for me to take over the hostly duties as I think she was getting worn-out with all the home improvements interfering with her sedentary lifestyle.

In the end, all we ended up doing was going into Piccadilly to look for a particular range of Green & Black’s dark chocolate which my dad had seen mentioned as ‘particularly good’ by a chef in a Sunday Supplement. On my way to Battersea, I’d popped into the big Sainsbury’s Savacentre to see if I could find it, but they didn’t stock it. (I’m pretty sure they had ever other flavour and cocoa percentage that G&B offer though!) So we drove up to Waterloo and hopped a Tube to Piccadilly Circus and then strolled down to Fortnum & Mason, who didn’t stock it either. Nor did the Maison du Chocolat, across the road. In the end we gave up and went back to Rosie's with a couple of gifts (one from each shop) for people back home. (I managed to resist the strong urge to buy confectionery at both places!)

Back at Rosie’s the parents cooked a tasty dinner for us all before my dad settled down to watch the Snooker ‘World’ Championship Final. Not a real favourite sport of mine and the World Championship seems to be a bit like the US Baseball World Series; there are occasional token entries from other countries, but you know that the winner and most of the real contenders will be from the host nation because nobody else really cares.

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